Eat, clean and reuse!  Save The Plant!

Set of eight stainless steel or glass containers whichever is avaiable in stock along with our signature insulated carry bag to keep your meals temprature controlled. 

Reusable Tiffin

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    * We only deliver orders which are booked in advance and paid in full. 
    * We do not accept cash on delivery. 
    * We do not offer any exchanges or refunds. 
    * We have fixed days for delivery to certain areas and we reserve the right to change it without notice. 
    * We would like to know about all food allergies before the order is booked. 
    * We only deliver in the mornings except Sunday’s. 
    *Food will only be left outside the client’s door or porch or in front of the building door if a client asks us to do so in which we are not responsible should anything happen to it ,the client is responsible if a request like this is made*
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